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Welcome to the Natural Asset Exchange, a marketplace for those that want to make a difference and preserve the Earth for future generations

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Our Mission

Climate change, depletion of our natural assets and pollution of our environment requires our collective, and urgent intervention, to ensure future generations are left with a sustainable planet. It poses a major risk to the global economy, affecting the wealth and prosperity of all citizens and nations around the world.

Our mission is to create an open marketplace for all stakeholders (Buyers and Sellers) in the environmental value chain to participate. Finally providing all contributors with tangible assets that will appreciate in value as the market grows.

About The Natural Asset Exchange

The Natural Asset Exchange blockchain platform will enable certified Natural Capital Asset project developers to list their products (e.g. carbon credits, REC's, metered output, etc.), on a unique Blockchain & Smart Contract platform, specifically designed for the Natural Asset trading market.

Individuals and businesses will be able to interact with the Natural Asset Exchange via a simple interface that guides them through the measurement and buying process. Direct sales will be facilitated by using applications that are accessible by multiple device types and operating systems.

The development and the adoption of EARTH Token as the underpinning store of value and settlement mechanism of the Natural Asset Exchange can foster unprecedented accessibility and transparency in the trading of Natural Assets. It will truly democratize global efforts that are aimed at preserving our environment at corporate, consumer and IoT device levels.

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How it Works?

  • Register Your Project

    Apply to have your Natural Capital Asset project certified on the NAE

  • Upload your Natural Assets

    Upload your Natural Assets to the NAE

  • Set Pricing

    Set value of your natural assets based on your own pricing mechanism

  • Determine your Carbon Footprint and Offset cost

    User our easy calculation interface to easily determine your Carbon footprint and the cost to Offset these emissions

  • Pay with EARTH Tokens

    Select the project you want to support and easily pay for your Offsets using EARTH Tokens

  • Generate Your Receipt/Certificate

    After payment confirmation, your certificate is generated and sent to you in PDF format with a unique Blockchain transaction ID

Consumers also have the option to support other projects that have a positive impact on our environment such as Nature Conservation or Renewable Energy

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Our Team

Angus Rowe

Angus Rowe

Chairman & Co-Founder

Team member

Allan Saunders

Managing Director

Wesley Carlson

Wesley Carlson

Director of IT & Blockchain

Peter Newell

Peter Newell

Director of Finance & Operations

Dennis Stone

Dennis Stone

Director of Clean Energy

Suyash Sumaroo

Suyash Sumaroo

Blockchain & Smart Contract Lead


Asha Moodoo

NAE Application Development Head

Frequently AskedQuestions

How do I pay for carbon assets?

The use of EARTH Tokens (EARTH) as the settlement currency reduces complexity related to fiat currency exchange rates, along with significantly reduced transaction fees. EARTH tokens will be based on Ethereum, a next generation blockchain protocol enabling advanced smart contracts.

How do I buy EARTH tokens?

EARTH is currently listed in the following exchanges:Qryptos




EARTH involved

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